inman parkInman Park is located just east of Downtown Atlanta. It was Atlanta’s first planned “suburb”, developed by Joel Hurt in 1887. The original 138 acre neighborhood was the first naturalistic suburb plan south of the Mason-Dixon line. The centerpiece of the neighborhood was ten-acre Springvale Park, designed by Frederick Law Olmsted.

Inman Park is noted for its annual Spring Festival, which features the largest street market in the city, a tour of the neighborhoods’ historic homes and a colorful parade. Today, Inman Park is the neighborhood of Joel Hurt’s dreams: beautiful homes filled with professionals who appreciate the charm of urban living in a bucolic setting.

Almost all of the houses – both the mansions and the smaller dwellings – have been restored to their former glory, and the parks scattered throughout the neighborhood are well-maintained green spaces which pay homage to Hurt’s original designs.

Throughout the neighborhood, visitors can see a symbol, created by a neighborhood resident back in the earliest days of Inman Park’s restoration. This symbol – a yellow and black butterfly – captures Inman Park’s theme of rebirth, with two faces outlined in the butterfly’s body looking left and right to signify both the past and the future of Inman Park.

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