Amy and Aaron Levine – Oakhurst/Inman Park

January 2017

Andre helped us move to a wonderful new home as we were expecting our second child. We had hoped to move in to our new home and put our old home on the market before our son’s arrival, but he came a bit earlier than planned.  Faced with the daunting prospect of closing on a house with a one-day old and moving with a 3-day-old, Andre was an immense help and made the process as smooth as possible, quickly addressing unexpected challenges that arose during the closing as well as in the weeks after move-in.  He even offered to move the closing to our hospital room!

Andre’s knowledge of the market helped us price our home appropriately, and his team of professionals did an amazing job sprucing up and staging our 1920s-era house. This allowed us to sell at full price on our very first day on the market.

We cannot say enough about how Andre helped us through the purchase of our new home and the sale of our old home during this busy and stressful time.  He truly went above and beyond; we cannot imagine there is a better Realtor in the Atlanta area!