Anna Schecter – Decatur

March 2015

Finding a home is an extremely individual experience. There are many agents who are knowledgeable about homes and neighborhoods and Andre is at the top of this list, but no one can learn the skill of connecting with and caring for people the way Andre will do as your agent.  

This was not my first home buying experience and the circumstances surrounding my move were very difficult. I was on a tight timeline under extreme stress. I had started with another agent who just did not seem to appreciate the urgency and we did not “click”. On the contrary, from the moment I first emailed Andre, he always made me feel like his only client (which absolutely was NOT the case) and understood what I was looking for in my next home. He responded promptly to every email and text. He took me to numerous homes and helped me make extremely difficult decisions using his objectivity, yet always with a compassionate understanding of my circumstances. His sincere honesty was not always easy to hear, but was refreshing and ultimately very helpful. 

With a hot market and bidding wars common, I was very uncomfortable with the situation. Andre’s experience, however, kept the process calm under control. When I finally found my house, Andre helped me through each step, from smart and realistic negotiation to a thorough inspection and ultimately successful closing. Everything was completed in such a professional and caring manner. Andre always went beyond what other agents have done for me in the past.

I have no doubt in my mind that if I need another home, Andre will be the first person I call. He is a top agent in every way. His keen understanding of the real estate business combined with his thoughtful and caring approach with clients is simply extraordinary. Although I ended up in a completely different house and area than I thought I wanted, the process Andre took me through and the one he respected I needed to go through myself, helped me see it was the right decision for me and my family. He could not have done that without truly connecting with me and understanding what I needed to create a home. My family is very grateful to our friend for referring us to Andre.