Omri Eban – Midtown

June 2015

I couldn’t have accomplished what I had hoped to do without Andre’s help. Working on a tight timeline, Andre helped me sell my Midtown condo and find a beautiful Intown home. What I appreciate most about my experience with Andre, is that he is communicative and professional. He guided me along the process and adeptly struck a balance between allowing for my independent decision-making, but also chiming in with his expert knowledge of the market and the process. He made sure that I made smart decisions that I would be happy with in the future. While house-hunting, we walked into the home that I immediately felt was “the one”. Given the nature of the hot market, there were several interested parties bidding on the home within several days. I was concerned that we wouldn’t be able to get it done. The sellers were motivated and cared about a smooth, expeditious closing. The seller’s agent explicitly said that she urged her clients to consider my offer, because she had worked with Andre in the past and trusted that he would get the deal done. Without Andre’s expertise, guidance, and stellar reputation I don’t think I would have landed my beautiful home. I will not hesitate to recommend Andre’s services to my friends, family, or anyone else interested in buying or selling in Atlanta.