Roxani Margariti – Midtown

June 2016

As a first-time prospective homeowner who was somewhat skeptical about the necessity and financial merits of homeownership (and very picky!), I relied on André to guide me and help me make up my mind. We worked on “possibly” finding a property that would be right for me for a while, and in the process I got to greatly appreciate and respect Andre’s deep knowledge of the Atlanta market, his sharp intuition about both the properties and his clients’ needs, his patience and generosity, and his wonderfully calm, composed and bright outlook on everything.  Eventually Andre spotted the perfect place for me, a unique condo in a great part of town that made me feel like home right away.  He guided me expertly through securing the contract, was extremely organized and attentive to every detail of the process, and put me at ease at every step.  I’m enjoying my new home and very grateful to Andre for getting me here!