Suzanne and Kevin Koogle – Candler Park

April 2016

If you are looking for an honest, knowledgeable, frank, and client service oriented real estate agent look no further – Andre is simply the most genuinely vested and plugged into the competitive Atlanta Metro area. We first met him in 2009 when we engaged him to sell our property. His careful and accurate assessment of the (then) market convinced us to temporarily rent it until the market recovered. During this time, even though he was not actively engaged to represent our home sale, he remained acutely keyed-in on market developments, actively communicated with us and assisted us in whatever way we needed. We successfully sold our property in 2016 with favorable terms. As busy as Andre is, he always manages to make you feel like his #1 priority. Andre sets himself apart from others by simply being himself – honest, hard working and with your best interest paramount- which is a ‘rear gem’ in this industry. I mean, who else (besides family) will race across town to pick up your phone you accidentally forgot in a restaurant and bring it to you at the airport? This guy! He demonstrates his love for his clients with EVERYTHING he does.