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Andre de Winter enjoys a reputation with his clients as an exceptional Realtor and trusted confidant. He is a true professional, who acts with integrity and in the best interest of his clients at all times. His hard work has been recognized by the Atlanta Board of Realtors, naming Andre one of the top 10 Realtors in Atlanta in 2013. Andre’s ability to listen makes him an invaluable resource for both buyers and sellers.

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“Moving is always a trying experience even if, as in our case, we’ve done it two dozen times.  Thanks to Andre De Winter, however, the task of finding our place in Atlanta was enjoyable, efficient, and most important, a success in buying not just a house but a home.  Andre’s knowledge of the market, wise counsel on current opportunities and options, understanding of his clients’ needs, and business as well as negotiations skills represented the best in a Realtor’s assistance and counsel.  At the end of the day, a home purchase is always a combination of a highly personal as well as a business transaction.  Andre brings his experience and knowledge to his clients in a way that assists them in both aspects of the task.  The result creates a professional relationship that is also tailored to meet his clients’ individual needs.  Andre’s skills and integrity are obvious.  It’s also clear that he values his clients and treats them as friends.  We recommend him highly to anyone moving in the Atlanta metro market.  Our experience testifies to why Andre remains at the very top of Atlanta’s list of the very best real estate agents.”

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